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Sick of the USA ? Looking to become an expatriate and enjoy the low tax rate of Costa Rica or Belarus? Yeah, that’ll be $2,350, or five times what it used to be. In other words, they do their best to make it intolerable to live here, and then charge you thousands when you try to leave. Death and taxes. Death. And. Taxes. (H/T: AoSHQ)

The fee for individuals to renounce U.S. citizenship is jumping to $2,350 as of Sept. 12—more than five times the current charge of $450.

The U.S. State Department, in its explanation for the increase, said that documenting a renunciation is “extremely costly” and requires a minimum of two intensive interviews with the applicant as well as other procedures.

The fees charged for a number of other services, such as “fiance(e) visas” and employment-based visa applications,  increased far less than those for renunciation and in some cases declined.

The large increase in the renunciation fee comes at a time when record numbers of Americans living abroad are cutting ties with the U.S. Last year, 2,999 U.S. citizens and green-card holders renounced their allegiance to the U.S., a record number, and renunciations in 2014 are on track to exceed that. The State Department estimates that 7.6 million Americans live abroad.

So, let me get this straight. It’s too costly to let an American citizen renounce their citizenship so, naturally, the government has to raise that fee. But, on the other hand, it’s cost effective to make welfare applications in over a dozen languages.

Only in the mind of big government does this make sense.

According to Assahola Khomeini:

"A man can have sex with animals such as sheep, cows, camels and so on. However, he should kill the animal after he has his orgasm."

I guess these prize pigs are being sought after since there remaineth no goats left.

why do you disagree with immigration laws?

I don’t disagree with the law, I disagree with it’s application or, lack thereof.



My entire life is complete now.

Make this a legit shooter lol

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Sheesh. California is not an “open carry” state when it comes to firearms or umbrellas, apparently. That’s right, the SWAT team recently responded to reports of a man walking around the campus of Cal-State University San Marcos carrying a rifle. Well that “rifle” turned out to be an umbrella…

Regulate umbrellas on university campuses. Even if it saves one false emergency call to 911.


She said Richard, 48, was hallucinating and talking about the end of the world after having marijuana-infused candy and possibly pain pills, according to police reports.

As the call continued, Kristine Kirk frantically told a 911 call-taker that her husband was getting a gun from a safe. Within a few seconds, the call-taker could hear her screaming. There was a single gunshot before the line went quiet.

Remember, no one has ever died from marijuana.





The 2nd Amendment, it means something.

The 2nd Amendment, it means something.